Fascinating Routine Warehouse Operational Duties – Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow!

Fascinating Routine Warehouse Operational Duties – Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow!
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Routine Warehouse Operations

  • Compiling and inspecting shipping related informational documents
  • Unloading incoming shipment
  • Picking, Sorting, Packing, labeling and Scanning stocks in a neat and orderly fashion
  • Prepare outbound shipments ahead of delivery time.
  • Checking inventories of stocks and materials, ensure that they are safely and properly stored.
  • Handle and operate necessary tools, accessories in maintaining and managing a warehouse.
  • Directing and conducting routine warehouse cleaning activities
  • Ensure workers adherence to stipulated safety related protocols.

Fundamental Tactics for improving Warehouse Operations

Warehouse supervisors checking stocks level

1. Planning

Without goals in life, a person cannot reach his/her desired destination. Likewise without planning in every business operation we cannot taste our success.
Planning is an essential part of any warehouse management that plays a vital role in every possible aspect of business operations.

  • Warehouse managers need to plan and determine the casual labour needs and coordinate with HR and Administrative staff to engage in the process of hiring to smoothen the business operations.
  • Develop receipts and dispatch plans.
  • Contribute to talent pipeline analysis. ( Talent Pipeline analysis – a entire recruiting process is like funnel where by applying some key methods for analyze, filter and recruit right candidates to work )

2. Warehouse Management

Managing the exchange of goods and commodities in a proper streamlined channel and controlling the day-to-day operations of a warehouse such as the shipping, receiving, put-away and picking of goods is called Warehouse Management.

Below mentioned are the important tactics followed for effective warehouse work management

  • Manage Load and off-load commodity.
  • Provide proper space for commodity at proper height and spacing; segregate damaged or short-weight containers.
  • Reconstitute and segregate shipments based on weight, time of dispatch
  • Prepare damaged commodities for disposal.
  • Inspect stack daily.
  • While using FMCG and grocery products, controlling insect and rodent infestations is much more important.
  • Clean, sort and organize the warehouse properly.
  • Check equipment and devices periodically and ensure they calibrate and servicing as needed.

3. Documentation and Reporting

Sorting worker checking documents

One of the most important and hardest duties of running a warehouse in a fascinating way is to have transparent progress on documentation and reporting works. Effective documentation work methods are as follows.

  • Check and verify the quantity and quality of all commodities received and dispatched.
  • Document all commodity movements with accurate, reconciled, and signed waybills.
  • Produce inventory reports (at least monthly and quarterly)

4. Control

Warehouse controlling is an efficient way for ensuring an efficient product flow. This will helps to achieve storage optimization and smooth end to end workflow amongst warehouse workers
There are some key ways of controlling warehouse operations it includes

Warehouse worker scanning stacked goods
  • Physical count of all stocks is conducted after all commodities received and dispatched.
  • Maintain balanced commodities up to date.
  • Proper warehouse access should be well maintained (i.e.) who can enter and when they can enter
  • Verify stores inbound ledgers for accuracy of entries as compared to source documents
  • Investigate any discrepancies and reconcile differences at a regular interval of time.
  • Conduct monthly stock counts of all commodities, check, reconcile with ledger balances and prepare report
  • For those missed or damaged commodities promptly prepare and submit a loss report.

If we follow the above mentioned controlling measures we can have a good and proper control on warehouse operations.

5. Supervision and Administration

Supervising and Administration plays an important role in warehouse operations. A supervisor acts as a connector between the client and workers.

  • It includes training staff according to their work to provide an added advantage.
  • Maintain daily attendance sheets for casual laborers and prepare payment documents.
  • Should inspect the warehouse operations regularly and must correct all identified issues.
  • Create appropriate schedules, monitor stock levels at the warehouse and know when to replenish stock.

Experienced warehouse manpower is a key for smooth warehouse operations and to increase overall productivity. MAK Logistic had experienced local manpower resources ready to handle your supply chain, whether at origin or destination.

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