Manpower Supply is Crucial to your Business. Learn Why!

Manpower Supply is Crucial to your Business. Learn Why!

One of the hardest tasks for a reputed organization or big industry employer is to hire a skilled candidate who is suitable to their work process. Skilled candidate selection requires more effort of any organization. In Fact this is the main reason why employers always prefer top manpower supply service providers.

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Reasons to choose a Manpower supply services

Hiring new employees with the required skills and experience can be a tough, costly and time-consuming job. In this fast moving and advanced technological world we can buy anything but not the time. To hire a new candidate with suitable skills and work experience is a tedious job for an organization and it is a time consuming one.

For example if we need more candidates within a limited time span we can’t handle this type of situation smoothly.

The only way to tackle this type of situation and to avoid further problems arising due to the hiring process is to select the right manpower services providers who can give you skilled candidates for work progress.

Manpower services providers make your business easier by providing the right manpower at the right time. While choosing them, you will save a lot of your valuable time and money. Employers need not to invest more money in running employee training.

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Here are the 7 Reasons why Manpower supply services may be right for you

The potential skills and ability of every employee plays a crucial role in every organization whenever manpower service providers are considered to be the most essential factor. It is highly dependent on evaluating the requirements of the organization and effective planning that could lead towards success.

Here are the seven reasons for choosing a Manpower Supply provider

  • It is cost efficient and Risk Adverse
  • To help with the larger projects
  • To increase productivity
  • Specialized workers
  • Manpower requirements can be better balanced and movement of staff can be made easier by manpower planning.
  • Reduce spending on labour and recruitments
  • It helps you to concentrate on core business values
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Working with a manpower supply service provider is the perfect way of hiring skilled and experienced people in a short span of time.

When it comes to Manpower services in Singapore, MAK Logistic is an industry leader with sound experience that can make this job easier to your HR and yourself by bringing the right onboard workforce.

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7 Best things for why you need Warehouse Manpower Services

7 Best things for why you need Warehouse Manpower Services
Proper arrangements in the warehouse

1. Training process

Lack of trained and experienced warehouse staff is a big challenge for warehouse managers. Among the challenges, training them, especially when dealing with work culture and advances of warehouse technology is even more difficult.
For that, employers go for professional Manpower services organizations. They engage in a culture of providing weekly / monthly training programs about the best warehouse operations practice to the workers which enables the workers to understand the process quickly and do the work more efficiently in a short period of time. Manpower supply services reduce employers’ hiring risks and responsibilities towards them which in turn makes them concentrate on core business values.

Giving proper training to the forklift operator to arrange pallets

2. Streamline planning and goods handling operations team

The utmost aim to run any business operation is saving cost in the work. If we really need to save the energy or cost in warehouse operation, proper planning of goods handling operations is essential i.e. receiving, sorting, allocating, arranging, labelling and transportation. If we have a well planned goods handling operations team, we can run warehouse operations effectively through long terms.  

For that, employers look for 360 degree comprehensive manpower pool solutions which consist of warehouse assistants, loading – unloading personals, sorters, scanners, packers, Material handling equipment (MHE) operators, inventory management and date entry technicians.

Warehouse worker arranging carton box in suitable rack happily

3. Flexible Manpower Planning

Manpower planning is the important and continuous process of estimating the optimum number of people required for efficient warehouse operations in a given time. It has the three steps – analyzing forecasting of demand & supply and matching. Even Though it is effective, it has most common obstacles such as future uncertainties, expensiveness that organizations face during workforce planning.

To avoid these tense situations, warehouse employers will always connect with a team of  manpower service providers which have flexible planning, job rotation and work load balancing. They had flexibility to keep staffing levels optimal as your business needs change.

4. Cost Saving

It is important to note the Recruitment costs.  Hiring a new employee and terminating them in a short span may experience a number of additional costs, including the advertising cost, unproductive time, travel expenses, referral bonuses as well as train for a replacement. This recruitment cost will be a financial burden for warehouse employers.  

For this instance, Manpower service providers support employers by giving the right person for a right job which can minimise cases of bad hiring decisions, thereby saving costs.

Decreasing recruitment and training cost, when going for manpower supply

5. Attendance and Payroll Management

The process of tracking working hours is always a complicated task. Meanwhile Payroll processing seems like a simple process , but it is actually one of the most difficult administrative functions of an organization. For this while holding a large volume of workforce, managing overtime,  effective tracking and payroll management softwares will add additional costs. 

While contracting with a warehouse manpower service provider, they will take care of their workforce attendance, overtime benefits and payroll processing which will reduce employers’ burden in time saving and cost effective approach.

6. Sound Market Knowledge

When employing a large warehouse workforce, employers need to undergo detailed market study, prolonged search in finding the right people and have to take medical and Work injury compensation insurances.  

Manpower supply services have rich insights about the warehouse industry they are dealing with and are equipped with extensive knowledge about the available talent, where and how to get them, salary packages, training and skills required for a job, dealing with manpower issues, manpower planning, manpower forecasting, etc.

7. Introducing Innovative ideas

“We don’t want to do great things, we can do small things continuously and it will give Big results”

Likewise, We don’t need to discover new ideas to adapt in warehouse operations. Simply altering the existing operation slightly is also an innovative idea and it will result in a big change in the warehouse operation.

For this employers will need an expertise manpower solution team with sound warehouse experience. They will implement their innovative ideas at the workplace to achieve sustainable development goals.

Every business wants to maintain a competitive edge over its competitors. One of the simplest ways of competing with others is to find the right manpower supply service company that understands your company and industry well. MAK Logistic, a manpower supply company puts efforts into understanding your business needs and helps you to provide the best talented temporary, permanent as well as contract staff so that you can focus your energy on important business operations.

MAK Logistic achieves performance through people

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